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Catalyst: A Theatre Think Tank (C3T)

Formerly The Ground & Field Theatre Festival at UC Davis, and now on the campus of Southern Utah University, Catalyst: A Theatre Think Tank brings together a unique partnership between professional directors, emerging theatre artists, and world-class scholars and writers.  Presented at the UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance, C3T provides a venue for the development of new works of theatre in which new plays and musicals are nourished to grow with their playwright’s vision and to present bold, timely, and urgent storytelling for our time. Presented on the campus of one of the finest agricultural research institutions in the world, and in a community committed to a healthy planet, C3T offers particular consideration to new works of theatre that explore themes of agriculture, sustainability, and environmental health, and to sustainable ways of making


Co-Foiunder and Co-Director: Mindy Cooper


Read more about Catalyst3T here.

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Broadway And Screen Artists Participate In UC Davis New Stage Works Festival 


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