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Photo by Christine DiPasquale

Photo: Christine DiPasquale

Mindy Cooper

is an award-winning Director/Choreographer. She is comfortable in many venues, from Broadway to Corporate, and has created stage shows, industrials and events around the world for over 25 years.

Her early career in the concert dance world has helped shape her work today. She is highly influenced by rhythm, cadence, musicality and how the visual dynamics affect and inform a piece. Her work marries innovative and traditional stagecraft with creative thinking. As a collaborator, she loves to bring together teams of artists with ideas and vision. Her passion for new works and bringing new voices to the forefront in theater, keeps her busy developing projects, and also breathing exciting life into the tried and true. She is Co-Founder/Co-Director of Catalyst: A Theatre Think Tank (C3T), on the campus of Southern Utah University.

Catalyst: A Theatre Think Tank

Catalyst looks for new stories at all stages of development. It is a creative space where world-class theater artists, passionate students, and intelligent audiences meet to foster important narratives as they move forward onto the national stage.

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