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50 Shades! The Musical Parody

50 Shades! The Musical Parody is the sexy and hilarious send-up of Fifty Shades of Grey, created by members of the improv group Baby Wants Candy. The show has productions around around, with companies in New York, Las Vegas, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland and France.



Produced Off-Broadway at The Elektra Theater and currently on tour.


Writers: Al Samuels, Emily Dorezas, Amanda Blake Davis, Jody Shelton,

Ashley Ward and Dan Wessels

Music: Amanda Blake Davis, Jody Shelton, Ashley Ward and Dan Wessels

Lyrics: Al Samuels, Amanda Blake Davis, Jody Shelton, Ashley Ward and Dan Wessels

Directors: Al Samuels and Rob Lindley

Choreographer: Mindy Cooper

Set and Costume Design: John Dunnett

Lighting Design: Herrick Goldman

Sound Design: Matt Kraus


Find out more on the 50 Shades! website.


50 Shades! has its own YouTube channel.


Listen to the score on SoundCloud.



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"When it comes to potential for satire, 50 Shades of Grey seems as easy a target as you could shake a sex toy at. That said, 50 Shades! The Musical — The Original Parody, an exuberant takeoff now at the Elektra Theater, handily delivers the goods."

New York Times



"The strictly-for-laughs show suggests that Cooper is basically up for almost anything."

The Kansas City Star



"The jokes are obvious . . . but they do land, thanks to superb singing and choreography from Mindy Cooper that keeps the heat at a steady simmer throughout."             

Talkin' Broadway



"Mindy Cooper’s choreography finds comedy in small moments, while making the most out of the limited space."




"There is one choreographer, Mindy Cooper.  There are two directors; Al Samuels and Rob Lindley. They all skillfully move this cast of ten around on a small stage. The song 'How Much More Can I Take?' referring to their bondage is cleverly staged like protesting Les Miz revolutionaries. . . . Who knew bondage and discipline could be so much fun!!"

Front Row Center

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