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Being Seen

An actress answers a notice and encounters a highly acclaimed director. Wits and instincts collide as she maneuvers through the web of his artistic process.  

A fast paced comedy with a dark underbelly —


Produced at FringeNYC, 2015.


Writer: Richard Gustin

Director: Mindy Cooper

Costume Design: Tristan Raines

Lighting Design: Zach Blane



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"This is exhilarating theatre, brilliantly scripted by Richard Gustin and directed by Mindy Cooper to be simultaneously comedic and thought-provoking."

Hy Reviews


"Director Mindy Cooper keeps the movement fluid with only two bodies, a small space and a chair. Anyone who has ever auditioned for anything, or taken any kind of acting class will recognize this situation and revel in its insanity.."



"Director Mindy Cooper has been able to emphasize the characteristics of Actor and Director in a truly engaging way."




"Director Mindy Cooper had an incredibly easy job. Everything was spelled out for her in Gustin's script. And yet Cooper still put her stamp on the production. There was never a dull moment and every beat had a purpose. The storytelling was sharp and precise."             

Theater in the Now



"Theatre people tend to be compassionate, open-minded, and socially conscious. They’re also completely nuts. That’s the hilarity on which Richard Gustin's Being Seen is built.."

Theatre Is Easy




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