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With a soaring pop rock score and set against the epic backdrop of a military base in Baghdad, Deployed follows the emotional journey of Emily, an American soldier assigned to train Iraqi women and her unlikely friendship with Laila, her interpreter. Laila teaches Emily to appreciate others’ suffering and to realize the enemy she’s fighting is herself. When Emily finally lets go of her inner demons, a secret from the past comes back to wreak its revenge. They cannot forget . . . but can they forgive?


Presented as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival at The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater at The Pershing Square Signature Center in New York City.


Book/Music/Lyrics: Jessy Brouillard

Director: Mindy Cooper

Musical Director: Martin Axe

Scenic/Props Design: David Goldstein

Costume Design: Janell Berté

Lighting Design: Sam Gordon

Sound Design: Ian DeNio


Find out more at the Deployed website, here.

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"Deployed . . . benefits from a good director (Mindy Cooper) who keeps things moving and surprising throughout . . .:

Talkin' Broadway


"Director Mindy Cooper pays careful attention to the staging, and includes plenty of interesting details . . . She does a fine job of creating larger scenes of military panic . . . Scenes explode, and we see the horrors of war, and the possibility of love that eventually gets shattered."

Theater Pizzazz

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