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Me and My Girl

At once both side-splittingly funny and charmingly romantic, ME AND MY GIRL was a major hit on the West End in 1937, but was largely unknown in the United States until a Broadway production in 1986, where it also became a major success. This fish-out-of-water comedy is the story of a roustabout Cockney lad who learns he’s actually an Earl and must try to adjust to his new upper-class life. Several of the songs from the show became major hits of the day, including “Leaning On a Lamppost,” “The Lambeth Walk” and the title song.


Produced at 42nd Street Moon at the Gateway Theatre.

May 2 — 20, 2018

Book & Lyrics:  by L. Arthur Rose & Douglas Furber
Revised by Stephen Fry with Contributions by Mike Ockrent
Music:  Noel Gay

Director/Choreographer: Mindy Cooper
Music Director: Dave Dobrusky


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"Director/Choreographer Mindy Cooper has helmed this charming musical with superb intelligence, enlisting a clear knack for physical comedy, and knowing when to slow the moment down for romantic emphasis, and when to enlist the slapstick, Vaudevillian-style which pack a punch into Stephen Fry’s revised book. With tons of tongue-in-cheek (and for Act Two, hand-on-cheek) humor and toe-tapping tunes, Me and My Girl is a can’t-miss romp of a musical!"                                                                            —Marc Gonzalez, The Road to 1,000


" I imagine the Encores! production currently running in New York has a bigger budget – but I can’t imagine it having more heart."                                                                         — Stark Insider


"Mindy Cooper directs this fabulous cast with a liberal dose of milking every scene for its full comic potential while making sure the underlying love story never gets too over-shadowed to be forgotten.  ... The choreography, also designed by Mindy Cooper, is humorously exaggerated in just the right ways while impressive in its many styles of the 1930s era. 'The Lambeth Walk' is a near showstopper, as leg claps, foot snaps, and side steps illustrate a dance that took England by storm when introduced in the show’s ’37 premiere."

Theatre Eddys


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