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Ann Reinking National Scholarship


Advisory Board Chair, Mindy Cooper

A $5,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to a young dancer to support them, not only monetarily, but also to create a community, home base and network of people in the industry to set them on a path of success and give them a leg up in the business. The program is devoted to creating this legacy for Annie that will carry on her humanity, love and artistry not only as a dancer, but as a choreographer and collaborator in the next generation of artists.


Scholarship program website — here.

Associated Press article — here.

BroadwayWorld article — here.

The Ground and Field Theatre Festival is now
A Theatre Think Tank (C3T)

Three years ago the Ground and Field Theatre Festival, was founded as a place for writers to cultivate new works. As our mission becomes clearer, we are moving forward with a slightly different structure - and a completely different name.

Catalyst, a Theatre Think Tank (C3T), will continue to work with great playwrights and composers from around the globe and to train exciting new theatre artists. Festival events will now occur throughout the year, embracing new technologies for remote development as needed. Our new schedule and wide array of rehearsal possibilities will allow more flexibility for our collaborators.

Now matter how we do it or by what name, Catalyst will continue to be an agent of change for new works and new voices in the theatre.

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