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SOCIAL LIFE: The Musical

SOCIAL LIFE: The Musical​ is about a family that becomes so saturated in the world of technology and social media, that they lose the ability to connect on a human level. An allegorical tale of a father, mother, son and daughter who struggle with the daily repercussions of over-connection, over-stimulus, over-extended lives. And how being so constantly connected and plugged-in can leave you alone, leave you ultimately disconnected. In the end, we all need to disconnect in order to​ connect​.


Presented as a two-day reading at the Tribeca Grand Theater in New York City.

SOCIAL LIFE: The Musical will have its world premiere in Spring 2016 at UC Davis.


Concept/Music/Book/Lyrics: Chris Myers

Book/Lyrics: Ricky Dunlop

Music/Sound Design/DJ: Jeremiah Rosenthal

Director: Mindy Cooper

Additional Book/Lyrics/Asst. Director: Alex Kantor

Musical Director: Jeffrey Saver

Creative Director: John Miceli

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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