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Songs From Eagle Pond


These art songs, with text by Poet Laureates Jane Kenyon and Donald Hall, tell a story of place. Of love. The power of words. The rippling of nature through the art that it inspires. You'll hear the story of Jane & Don, but also hear about Gus (their dog), Eagle Pond, Mt. Kearsarge, their friends, their struggles, the history of the town, happiness, depression. Their poems, while preserving moments of their life, were much more expansive than telling just one solitary story.  They preserved history. They honored the past. And continue to impact the present & future.  

Produced at Proctor Academy Theater, Andover, New Hampshire

October 29, 2022

Poems: Jane Kenyon and Donald Hall

Music: Graham Sobelman

Director: Mindy Cooper


For more information on Songs from Eagle Pond click here.



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