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The Eternal Space

October 28th, 1963, New York City: Pennsylvania Station is slated for demolition. The wrecking crews are outside dismantling a fifty-three year-old marvel of American Beauxarts architecture. Inside a construction worker, turned photographer, is running away from his past while an aging activist can’t let his go. Set against the actual photographic catalogue of Penn Station’s tragic demolition, The Eternal Space charts two very different lives brought together by the historic act that divides them.


Produced at the Lion Theater, Theater Row, NYC

November 14, 2015 through December 6, 2015


Writer: Justin Rivers

Director: Mindy Cooper

Scenic Design: Jason Sherwood

Costume Design: Tristan Raines

Lighting Design: Zach Blane

Projection Design: Brad Peterson



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"Director Mindy Cooper has an excellent sense of timing/pace. . . . we’re drawn to the nucleus of action in an ostensibly vast space . . ."

Woman Around Town



"Under the fine direction of Mindy Cooper this is essentially a poignant consideration of the station's legacy and its architectural grandeur. It is also a reminder of what we have lost through dispassionate greed and a city's need for commercial gain."

Curtain Up



"Director Mindy Cooper has cultivated an appropriately complex, but not overly so, rapport among her actors.."             

NY Theatre Guide



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